Mayan Temple Destroyed – World fails to notice

(Previously published in the McTavish Opera blog 13 May 2013)
The destruction of ancient structures is criminal – no matter who does it.


In case it has escaped anyone’s notice, the ancient Mayan temple of Noh Mul in Belize has been razed to the ground by construction firm D-Mar Construction, to be used as roadfill aggregate.

Noh Mul was an ancient Mayan temple, the largest such structure in northern Belize, built of limestone blocks which were cut with stone tools thousands of years ago. Its antiquity was of supreme importance to archaeologists, historians and anthropologists alike. The destruction of this vast temple akin to someone bulldozing the Great Pyramid at Giza.

The owner of the firm, Denny Grijalva, is a candidate for the Belize United Democratic Party whom in the past has been involved in a voting irregularities scandal. It would seem therefore we are dealing with soemone of the same mindset and corruption as the Vogons in Douglas Adams’ The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, who were commissioned to demolish Earth to build a hyperspace bypass. Mr Grijalva certainly displayed the same level of bureaucracy when he denied all knowledge of the destruction and referred complainants to his foreman, who refused to answer calls, then promised to meet them, only to fail to turn up.

Such destruction of one of mankind’s oldest structures is a crime against humanity, and all our lives are today a little emptier due to it.

Yet another matter springs to mind about this wanton vandalism. In the 1990s the Taliban in Afghanistan destroyed several giant statues of Buddha on the grounds that they were anti-Islamic, and the world’s media was all over the story. The Taliban were quite rightly condemned for those actions by people worldwide and described as no better than savages. Where then were the world’s media when Noh Mul was destroyed? I only found out about it through Facebook. Where are the news reports and the mass condemnation of Denny Grijalva and D-Mar as the savages they are?

Of course, some may argue that the destruction of the statues of Buddha were done on religious grounds and the bulldozing of Noh Mul was not.

I could not disagree more. Noh Mul was sacrificed on the altar of capitalism, to serve the god of Denny Grijalva and D-Mar Construction; Mammon – unashamed greed for money.

And that is why you will never hear the western media making a big story about it. Because they are the servants of the rich and powerful who revere the very same god as Denny Grijalva does.


I have now been informed of real estate developers destroying a 20 foot high, 4000 year old pyramid in Peru:

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